Tuesday, 29 December 2015

7 Course Taster Menu!

In the hotel I stayed in, in Wales, they had a 7 course taster menu on offer for the first night! Before you're all '7 courses? How is that possible?' I'd like to emphasize 'taster menu' all the courses were small, so by the end of the courses, you'd be as satisfied as if you were to have one normal sized meal.

The menu was planned out so there were two starters, three mains and two puddings.

1. Red cabbage gazpacho
This was basically a cold soup. It tasted like liquid coleslaw which sounds strange, but it wasn't bad. It wasn't my favorite, but nice to try none-the-less! 

2. Pork rillettes
This one was so good! It had a pâté-like consistency and it was served with a apple sauce.

3. Butternut and sage risotto
I'm not usually keen on risotto, however this one was an exception. It had such a nice texture and all the flavors were so good! I wish I had a bigger portion!

4. Fillet of salmon
This was served with textures of cauliflower and a saffron potato. The salmon had a really nice flavor and I thoroughly enjoyed this course!  

5. Breast of chicken
Served with haricot beans and chorizo, this course was one of my favorites!

6. Pear sorbet
This course had such a refreshing taste, and cooled the rather rich taste of the chorizo from the previous dish. A pudding I would definitely order a larger size of!

7. Rhubarb and custard
I always like rhubarb and custard desserts, so this was a welcome twist to the usual form of this pudding. 

Saturday, 26 December 2015

Carry-On Essentials: Car Journey

I'm going to Wales, which is a 4 hour drive from where I live. I put together a small bag which carries all the essentials I need to cope with this long journey!
This is my chosen carry-on bag for my journey! Admittedly, it is rather small... however, it manages to carry all my essentials and I think the size is a bonus! I got this bag so long ago, I don't know where it's from... it doesn't have any labels either!

Here are all my carry-on essentials! I have: my kindle, hair-ties, snacks (an orange, Mentos, Fruit Pastilles), some cosmetics (see picture below), two pairs of headphones (over-ear and ear-buds), iPod, notebook, pen, travel-sickness tablets, body-spray, fluffy socks (best travelling in comfort!), some money and tissues. I SHALL ALSO CARRY MY PHONE, but since I had to use my phone to take this picture, I could not include it in the photo.
Here are some other things you may consider taking: laptop, camera, blanket, pillow, etc.

Here I have my little cosmetics kit in closer detail, it contains: hand-cream, hand sanitizer, mascara, chap-stick and lip-gloss.
These are perfect for touching up make-up before you arrive at your destination!

What's in my Pencil Case!

I've always had a love for stationary and all that comes with it! So, I thought a blog post about something I'm passionate about would be a good way to start my blog!

So, this is my pencil case! I ordered it from the Kipling website. It's in the style 'Cute', and the pattern is called 'Blue Flower Pr'. I chose this pencil case because it's big enough to hold all I need without being bulky. I also love the pattern!

As you can see, it have two pockets, a main pocket and a smaller front pocket. The front pocket contains elastic loops, in which I keep my easy-assess pens.

These are the pens in the front pocket. I have 'Uniball Eye Micro' pens in four colours: blue, red, green and black. These are especially useful for marking homework, and adding some colour to my notes! However, the main pen I use for the majority of my writing is the 'Uniball Vision Elite' (seen at the bottom), this pen writes with such good quality and doesn't bleed through the page at all!

Now, onto the main pocket! This main pocket zips open to reveal a spacious space which is able to carry all I need it to!

This is the contents of the main compartment. I have: calculator (Casio fx-85GT PLUS), scissors (Maped), black pens (see picture below), highlighters (see picture below), pencils (both Staedtler),  glue (Prit Stick) and white-out (Tipp-Ex).

Here are the black pens in more detail. I have (from left to right): Papermate Inkjoy 300 RT 1.0M,  Papermate Inkjoy 100 1.0M and Berol Fiberline (basically a black felt-tip).
And finally, I have a five-pack of Muji Mildliners (the pink pack). I saw these all over Tumblr so I thought I'd try them out... I'm so glad I did! They're absolutely amazing, I have the two other packs on the way!